Why the Pack Design Days?

To help medical device companies develop a better understanding of the properties and conditions of manufacturing of the packaging materials they daily use on their packaging lines

Be informed of latest innovations in industry and tools at their disposal for tailor made design-to-cost solutions

These Pack Design Days bring the opportunity to:

  • Learn more on porous web packaging materials & properties
  • Understand better regulations in place & test methods developed to demonstrate compliance of products
  • Discover in one single location the entire product manufacturing scope, from porous base web making to its coating printing & slitting, as well as R&D tools for new product developments
  • See how vertical integration allows for optimal design to cost of packaging solutions
  • Get an overview of the multiple grades available and the most recent developments of the industry
  • Discuss with experts of healthcare packaging
  • Meet with your peers of the medical device industry

For whom?

Medical device manufacturing companies of all sizes, with job profiles ranging from purchase to packaging engineer, production managers, quality control, risk management or R&D resources
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  1. In manufacturing & R&D premises of Arjowiggins Healthcare in Palalda, France – 180 km from Barcelona
  2. Offsite, in one of our regional Pack Design Days in Asia, Latin America, Middle East & Eastern Europe
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Why 2 locations?

The initial target of the Pack Design Day was to offer the seminar in manufacturing premises that allow attendees to cover within one day

  1. the theory of medical device packaging materials compliance and manufacturing process
  2. together with onsite visits & practical discussions which can take place in test labs, R&D workshops, on converting tools and nearby base web manufacturing lines.

Several attendees have mentioned the fact that this seminar would be of interest for more people of company, but without the possibility for them to make the trip to France.
As a result, Sterimed has developed an adapted format, with videos & live demos of medical web making principles, to be able to bring the same introduction to medical packaging standards ,compliance and conditions of manufacturing to other locations.
The offsite Pack Design Days have already been organized in Malaysia and China over H1 2015, with more to come in the coming months, in Asia & Latin America.


Multiple times a year, including one event the day after Medica Dusseldorf Fair in Germany
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For whom?

We will be more than happy to welcome any employee from

  • Companies engaged into the manufacturing of medical devices,
  • Consulting companies working in the field of medical device packaging design,
  • Scholars working on medical device packaging field.

People attending are usually coming from Packaging Engineer, R&D, Purchase, Regulatory Affairs or Quality Management backgrounds.

Groups for onsite Pack Design Day usually comprise 20 to 25 people
Offsite Pack Design Day can accommodate up to 100 people (the maximum so far, but more is always possible)