Pack Design Day by Sterimed

Educational Seminar

Top Web selection for medical device packaging

  • Options of materials
  • Criteria of choice
  • Demonstration of compliance
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  • 450 people attended the Pack Design Days
    from 2014 to 2016
  • 85% of the attendees were fully satisfied of the presentations
  • 95% would attend again if the program was updated


Thank you for this very interesting seminar that your company provided and careful scheduling of activities!

Kevin Zheng
Packaging Engineer
Medtronic China

Thanks for the invitation, your company gave an excellent training to us! Hope we have more collaboration in the future!

Jessie Ma
Critical & Chronic Division Laboratory
3M China

We are a manufacturer of sterilized medical devices and gowns for hospitals, Packaging is one of our main preoccupation.
This Pack Design Day allowed us to acquire knowledge about the materials & regulations. We have learned a lot, I am very thankful.

Gemma Barabès
Quality Director

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